Jared started as a hobbyist audio engineer in 2012. Through tutorials, articles, research, recording, mixing, editing, and mastering music he has learned and continues to build his skill on the ins and outs of audio engineering. At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Jared pivoted from factory work into editing podcasts on Fiverr full time. He quickly became one of the top rated best sellers on the platform for podcast editing. He has largely moved away from Fiverr so he can guarantee that every dollar his clients spend is dedicated to his quality work.

He has worked on many successful podcasts, including "The Murder Diaries," "The Art of Speaking Up," and "Dr Apples." He has experience editing podcasts and audio from nearly every genre under the sun: from audio dramas, guided meditations, D&D campaigns, true crime, political interviews, variety shows, to just about anything else you can think of. He always puts the finished product first and makes sure to get on the same page with his clients to ensure he is in lockstep with their vision for the podcast.

When not editing podcasts Jared likes to compose music and has worked on some video games, including the 2019 indie game "Neon Infinity." He is very excited to start this new chapter in his career and help people sound the best they possibly can!